International Documentation Project Reflections: Week 2

There hasn’t been anything major that happened group wise since my last post. It was a pretty busy week for me. I had two tests I had to study for, three important meetings (one major one being for my internship – which went awesome), among other things.

Our groups managed to get together to discuss our roles, what we can do, etc. We also decided to break up the sections of our “Guide to Identity Protection When Creating User Accounts” and I ended up doing a section on usernames and privacy. This included whether to use e-mail addresses as usernames, how do you select usernames without giving way too much personal information, and so forth.

Our (unofficial) project manager/official group editor, Peter who is with the Irish group decided that it would be feasible for us to have at least 250 words per section, so we would cap the entire document at 900 or so words so the French team will be able to translate it with ease. I pretty much became the unofficial project manager for my group as well. Two of our members were behind a bit, but we managed to get them both caught up. One was sick, and the other had Internet issues and it was just a hectic week for her. She wanted to do a Google Hangout, and I was hesitant at first since I’m camera shy, but I sucked it up and went with it because I knew she wanted to/need to get caught up. Well, what was suppose to be a 30 minute session, turned into 2 hours. We talked about school and everything under the sun. We didn’t just use this time just to discuss school and other things, we were also waiting to see if any other people from our group would want to join in on the conversation, and they did.

We set an internal deadline for turning in our portions by this Thursday, Feb. 16, with Friday, Feb. 17 being the latest so Peter could edit the document and send it out to the French group by Monday, Feb. 20.

For the upcoming week, our group will probably just focus on getting our drafts completed and submitted. I still have more to worry about though. I may have jury duty on the 15th, and I’m hoping it will be canceled. :/

That’s it for this week!


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