International Documentation Project Reflections: Week 4

Just a quick update here. If you haven’t read the last post, you can view that here.

There wasn’t much of anything to report for this week as we’ve completed everything on the English side of things at this point.

Team France was able to translate our document and there was a bit of decision making going on as far as certain words that needed to be modified so our editor Peter, had to go in and rearrange some words (there was a lot of technical words that didn’t have a specific meaning in French). I also learned that translating from French to English is tougher, and it makes the document longer because you have to break down words or substitute words. This can also be an issue when translating the document back into English as once the words are translated, the document may not even make sense.

I remember when I did my online internship with a Libertarian political and social news website PanAmPost that focused on Latin America, I had to translate articles from Spanish to English. The difficulty with that was there were lots of articles that were pulled from various countries in Latin America, and many of these countries used a variety of different Spanish dialects. Many of the words didn’t show up in the Spanish dictionary. Luckily, we had people on our team who were native Spanish speakers and others who were familiar with those dialects.

I managed to speak with my team here at UCF and we had a discussion about the blog posts and other topics. We all didn’t know what else to write about but I think by the time we finished discussing everything, we’ll all end up with about several paragraphs in our latest post. 🙂

Until next time!


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