International Documentation Project Reflections: Week 5

There hasn’t been much going on group wise as our group actually finished early. I, however, did send a message to both teams just to check in to make sure everyone was doing okay and if they needed help with anything. I think at this point, most people were focused on getting their blogs/diaries done.

In other news, I am doing an internship with my alumni community college, Tallahassee CC for their Workforce Development department assisting in social media and marketing. I’ve been trying to use this as an opportunity to use some of my technical communication skills, but I’ve been mostly using my Mass Communication skills more, which in this case, makes sense. I haven’t done any blog or newsletter posts as of yet, but I have been trying to focus more on the audience aspect, which mass communication and technical communication both rely on respectively. The department has an ESOL program and I’ve definitely been taking note of what I’ve learned in this course so far and I’m trying to brainstorm what I could do to help further promote and engage the public towards this program.

Spring Break is coming up, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to think. I’m still in the process of moving out of my apartment (long story) and back with the parents for a while (*every soon-to-be college graduate’s dream, right?*) But I really need this time to self-reflect and regroup. I think for everyone it will be a much needed break. 🙂

Until next time!


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