IDP Reflections – Collaboration Pt. 2: Tools Used

2. What tools did you use to collaborate?

This was one of the most thought out processes of the entire collaboration. We wanted to use something that was easy to access both online and mobile, and something we all could actually use and be able to obtain and without any barriers.

For my team, UCF, we ended up utilizing Canvas e-mail and grouping system. We also used our UCF Knights e-mail accounts. For the Irish and French groups, they used their school e-mail accounts and Google Drive. None of us used Sulis, which was the collaboration tool that was suggested. By the time we all had access to Sulis, we were well on our way already utilizing our e-mail accounts and  WhatsApp, so we just subconsciously ruled it out.

Overall, we ended up corresponding via the WhatsApp text messaging system (UCF had our own group, then we had another for T3 Team),  our school e-mail accounts (using a grouping system), for UCF, we continued to use Canvas and Google Hangout for face-to-face meetings, used Google Drive for sharing files and documents, and Microsoft Word for creating the document itself.

The Full List

  • WhatsApp – text messaging
  • School E-mail accounts – group contacting
  • Google Drive – document and file sharing
  • Canvas (UCF) – messaging, group document sharing
  • Google Hangout – face-to-face conversations (UCF)
  • Microsoft WORD – document creation

I think all of these tools were effective in achieving our group goals. This was the first time I actually used WhatsApp with a group (I was accustomed to using one called GroupMe), Google Drive, and Google Hangout, so that was a learned lesson in itself. I know a lot of companies use Google apps and tools for collaboration, so it was a good thing that I had the opportunity to be able to use these. All of these tools are definitely something I can add to the resume later on. 🙂


IDP Reflections – Collaboration Pt. 1

Since we finished early, I decided that it would be best to actually write my reflection blog posts via Q&A, categorical style. I didn’t want to sound too repetitive in my previous and future blog posts, so I felt at this stage, the questions will help me better understand the whole collaboration process and working with my teammates, as well as have a bit more to write about.

  1. At what stages did the translators collaborate with the writers?

We all started communicating with one another right away. The French team was involved at first with deciding on the topic and how we were going to organize the document. After my team (UCF) & Ireland teams finished the document, we sent it over to the French team about a week or so later, and they finalized it within 2 weeks around late February. During the translation process, the French team had a few questions about some of the translations (read more about that in depth), but other than that, they were able to complete the document. So, it wasn’t an exact time in which we stop/started working together, it was pretty much a collaborative effort from the start.