IDP Reflections: Development of Skills and Competencies – Pt. 2

Q: What new skills did you develop during the course of the project?

Aside from learning to work with international students, learning how to use certain tools is something that I did accomplish learning. Google Drive and Google Hangout were two tools that I learned how to use during the project. These are most used tools for collaboration for groups and I am thankful that I did get the opportunity to get acquainted with these programs.

I also learned about the other side of dealing with language barriers when it came to text. The French team had a difficult time in some spots translating the document because there were technical words that did not have a French translation and in some areas, the document had to be changed to fit certain French words. If not the document would have been much longer and if translated back to English, it probably wouldn’t have made much sense. Fortunately, everything worked out and the project was successful.


IDP Reflections: Project Management – Pt. 2 Did you have a team leader?

My group didn’t officially have a team leader. I kind of took on the role of “Team leader/project manager” since I reached out to my group first the week after we selected our group. I think Peter served as group leader since he was the first to reach out for his team and he served as head editor as well. Technically, we all served as team leaders and team helpers making sure our other teammates stayed at on task and get the help they needed if be.