IDP Reflections: Project Management – Pt. 2 Did you have a team leader?

My group didn’t officially have a team leader. I kind of took on the role of “Team leader/project manager” since I reached out to my group first the week after we selected our group. I think Peter served as group leader since he was the first to reach out for his team and he served as head editor as well. Technically, we all served as team leaders and team helpers making sure our other teammates stayed at on task and get the help they needed if be.


IDP Reflections: Project Management – Pt.1 : How did your team manage your project?

My team did well managing the project. Not really much to write about for this part of the blog as I wrote about this in depth already.

Our document¬† “Guide to Identity Protection When Creating User Accounts” was divided up into sections already, so we were able to choose sections that we were familiar with or ones we had an interest in learning about. We even accomplished breaking down the introduction and conclusion. We had one team member do the index. Team members who came in later didn’t have an issue with accepting the remaining topics.

Once we started working on our topics, we just communicated using the tools we decided to use for the duration of the project. Since we really didn’t designate “project managers” for our groups, we just checked in with one another from time to time. I served as “project manager” for my team since I reached out to everyone early on.

We managed to use this management system until the end of the project. We completed it, and it all worked out.